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Hüsen & Düll Partnerschaft
Diplom-Ingenieure und Architektin
Wittelsbacherallee 163
60385 Frankfurt am Main
Germany Tel. +49 -69- 663 777 -90 Fax +49 -69- 663 777 -98 Mail post@kontext-architektur.de

Principals: Kristian Hüsen, Alexandra Düll

Hüsen & Düll Partnerschaft is registered at the Chamber of Architects Hessen as institutional member, directory No. BG-98
Hessisches Architekten- und Stadtplanergesetz (HASG)

Commercial register: PR 1617 AG Frankfurt am Main

Tax ID: DE 248674697


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Conversion of a factory building into exhibition and conference spaces, Bad Homburg, 2008. photos: Barbara Staubach

Extension and Rebuilding of a Kiosk, Frankfurt, 2007

Minimum-Impact Row house, Frankfurt, 2011. photos: Barbara Staubach

Installation "Auto-Mat" as part of the group exhibition "Ampelphase 5 - Stop\Motion" at the Vitra Showroom in Frankfurt, 2011. photos: Holger Peters, Kristian Hüsen


Concert venue and Café "Hafen 2", Offenbach am Main, 2013. photoconllage: Kontext Architektur

interior restoration of listed monument, Friedenskirche, Frankfurt am Main, 2016. photos: Barbara Staubach

weekend home, Oberhessen, 2017. photos: 

restoration and extension of historic customs house, now veterinary clinic, Bad Vilbel, 2017. photos: Barbara Staubach

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